March 23, 2011



This morning I woke up excited to run with someone new for the 2nd day in a row. Yesterday I ran with someone who got hold of me on Twitter and asked for a guided tour – so I took him around Lions Head and Signal Hill, 97% on the beautiful trails of Cape Town. Today I ran the same loop with my partner for African-X, one Katya Soggot. Katya and myself are running together for 3 days in May around the beautiful areas of Kleinmond and the Koggelberg Biosphere. There is a race, but we have taken the approach to enjoy ourselves primarily and if we are in the mix, we give it horns and hurt the rest as much as we can.

Katya will be my partner for the race, and as such, I have a few responsibilities to her:

1. Make sure open communication is kept at all times so that we can maintain the fastest possible pace with the 3 day outlook at heart. We can only run as fast as the slowest partner at that given time. Considering how well she runs, at times, this will be me, so we`ll be making sure all is great at all times.

2. Make sure she is well fed. Having never run a 3 day race I am also unprepared but having done 8 day training camps and Cape Epic, I understand the demands on the body and the need to eat early. I will be making sure she is well hydrated before, during and after each stage.

3. Make sure we have fun. I can get quite serious when it comes to competing so I am going to have to watch myself and make sure that the element of fun is there in every step, even when hurting, it’s important to keep a grasp on reality. I want to run as fast as possible, but not lose out on the area we are running through.

Partnership is something so important. Some partners will come into our lives for a short time and others are for life. Each has lessons to offer us and as such, I am learning from Katya. This morning I learned from running behind her that the direct path is not always the fastest. She skips and hops in ways I never thought possible and tried to emulate the “lightness” she so effortlessly puts out there with my slow, sloppy Ironman feet.

Life is made easier by choosing the right partners to different tasks in our lives. A great partner will save you time, energy and give you the head space to make the right choice, choice after choice. I made a list of the most important partnerships in my life today and some surprised me, so I bounced an email off to them thanking them for being an essential part to my life, even if I don’t see them as much as I would like to.

Make your list, send those mails. There are key people in your life who will appreciate hearing from you.

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Leo Rust
March 25, 2011 at 4:19 pm

in mountain climbing there is a rule which prioritises your goals:
1) come back alive
2) come back friends
3) reach the summit

Wishing both you and Katya great success and may you achieve all three of the above!


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