March 24, 2011

Just watch

That’s all I ask of you today. Let it load, let nothing distract you while you watch this. I am demanding 20-25minutes of your day because it might change the rest of your life. If the first 4min bore you, turn it off and stop coming here. Those 4 minutes touched me. Perhaps it is because I am doing more talks and taking Urban Ninja into a spoken word arena. Just tomorrow I am talking at Huddlemind on “What is takes”. I am nervous and excited because I am hoping to reach one person who is there to stop the excuses and start living.

“Getting the wind knocked out of you is the best way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air”. Sometimes we have to go deep.

One Comment on “Just watch

March 31, 2011 at 3:56 pm

A-mazing video


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