March 28, 2011

Class under pressure

Fabian is my favorite rider of the current generation. Classy, focused, delivers under pressure. The video shows 2 big breaks that he makes, one to split the pack, the other to demolish them. You watch riders cramp up just to sit his wheel. Then right at the end, you see how earlier in the day, his race could have been over. He got a flat and had a team mate give him a wheel, but the wheel did not work, so he had to get a spare bike.

For most guys, this is end of the day for them. Instead, Fabian hops off, gives his bike to a spectator and gets another bike from his team mechanic while he is walking up the road. No big deal, no stress, he kept calm the whole time and won the race, despite the odds.

So often our race do NOT go to plan. I have personally flatted, broken aerobars, got lost, missed my nutrition bag, fallen badly, got lost again, got stung by a wasp repeatedly, ridden 90km with a hole in my palm, etc in the last few years alone. It happens. How you deal with it is what makes us champions, even if we don’t finish the race. It’s the lessons we learn and the way we deal with adversity that gives us the upper hand in life. Our outdoor lives give us so much of these two elements – often we miss that.

Go out and hit it hard this week. Don’t let the stumbling blocks get you down. Use them to push “you” to new levels of yourself.

One Comment on “Class under pressure

March 28, 2011 at 11:57 am

Not to mention having to borrow someone else’s shoes that don’t even fit!


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