March 31, 2011

Vertical Gains

Lately, there has been quite a focus on vertical meters gained while running. This is in preparation for running African-X with Katya, who weighs some 25 kilograms less than I do. This gives her a significant advantage on the hills and puts me on the back foot a little, where most of the running we do for Ironman type stuff is quite flat. On Saturday last week I ran 25km with 1350m vertical gain. It was so beautiful and varied along the route that I didn’t notice the vertical gain until I downloaded the info into Garmin Connect. Distraction is a powerful tool when there is any suffering involved.

Last night I ran two blocks of 250 stairs and this morning another block of 200 stairs. Dragging all 75kg of me up the stairs is quite a task and something that I am getting a little better at, but just like cycling, something which I will never be world class at.

It’s a welcome distraction and often I leave the heart rate strap off, focusing the run purely on vertical meters gained at this point. It’s a focus purely for a few weeks and then we move back to more flatland preparation as a new iron-distance race is announced today in Cape Town (full details tomorrow) which means that June/July/August/September/October will be the months to cover those amazing long fast rides and the lap runs before we try and kick ass on my doorstep here in Cape Town, come November 6th. Apparently, 2000+ meters of climbing on the bike course, so I foresee many many many passes being ridden this winter on the bike.

I said that with the biggest smile ever. Bring. It. On.

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