April 7, 2011

Let’s stand together, it’s a war out there…


I was reviewing a slightly reshuffled race schedule for the remainder of 2011 this week where I have decided to add 8 days of racing to the schedule. This involves quite a bit more organisation and sacrifice and setting more time apart from friends and family and loved ones. It had me asking questions about these commitments to races rather than people and why I am putting to much into this “game” of sports.

I then read this article today on stress and the mind and realised how much I love being outside again. I also realised what a social person I am this week and how I have a natural tendency to hermatize myself and get into a routine of staying out of the light. I made the choice and arranged to see some people I have neglected for a while, made some tough calls and reset some things. It cleared my mind more than I expected and was a welcome relief to a problem I didn’t really know existed.

Being aware of The Golden Rule is something I do struggle to track when it comes to maintaining relationships that often I may feel are okay without management. The ethic of reciprocity is something I neglect partially because I am someone who works hard at keeping himself happy as a first point rather than keeping others happy as a rule. I find it impossible to keep everyone happy and if that is my focus, I am never happy. One of the biggest lessons I ever learned as a total people pleaser, earlier in my life.

I have learned that we make each other happy once we are individually happy. That is the war against what you may know as happiness. You will always have to find it in yourself first, where its lasting. Finding your joy in others is short lived. When you go to war, you take yourself. You look after yourself primarily and then you can look after those around you who are important to you.

It might not be as evident as something we consider conventional war, but man, at times I am fighting internal wars that the world cannot see that have a much more profound effect on me and those around me. And it’s the same with every person you see out there. We are all facing our demons, fighting our wars on a continued basis. It’s a large part of why I started Urban Ninja. We all go through these things and I wanted to get a community of people together who support themselves first and can then support each other in their fights. Sure, we are mostly all endurance athlete freaks, but hey, I like them that way.

You are an essential part to someone’s life, I assure you that. It’s a gift, treat it as a particularly beautiful gift.

Let’s stand together…

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Janelle Stephenson
April 7, 2011 at 4:32 pm

Awesome read! Love reading your write ups, they’re always so Inspirational!!

April 9, 2011 at 10:12 am

Thanks, its usefully for me.


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