April 15, 2011

Write your story…


I came across this image in a brilliant article I read this morning. I believe that statement to be true and the article really has my brain working. It has been an incredibly difficult week. I signed a lease on a dream apartment which was canceled last minute and had to last minute rush to find an alternative, the best one of which is a bit more expensive in terms of my rent on the place. It meant filling in more forms, more stress, re-working budgets for the next 12 months, etc.

To add to the fury, the wind blew so hard last night that I hardly slept on a tired mind and then had to chase my African-X partner around Lions Head and Signal Hill for her PB performance on the loop. Sometimes when our guards are down (i.e. when we are too fatigued to care) the correct message finds us as it has a bigger impact when our ego’s can’t fight it.

Either way, the most important parts of what I read this morning for me were:

1. Nothing is original. When I make a decision, it’s based on past experience and knowledge gained from (hopefully) my peer group who are smarter than I am.

2. The advice I give on here is a hash of my personal experience and the knowledge I have gained (courses, reading, listening). Nothing I share on here is original content, in it’s purest form. Somewhere, someone had an influence on it.

3. I read somewhere that we are an average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Scary when you spend 9 hours a day in an office with colleagues you aren’t particularly fond of. Awesome when you have a peer group like myself. If I have to think about the comments I see on Twitter, Facebook, etc from people I know who moan all day about where they work, their closest friends, etc, this fact scares me the most of all.

4. I will never know everything. What a relief. I will make mistakes. Another relief, because I would hate to never have to learn again. Learning from mistakes the first time is something I try very hard to accomplish.

5. I have felt for years that we are writing our own stories. We are the artists throwing the brush around, quite foolishly at times. We paint this blank canvas presented to us with a combination of luck, skill and knowledge. Some days the canvas looks amazing and other days you wake up and just throw a bucket of black paint at it. I like to write and I would like to think I am able to write my own story. I want to fill it with only the best material. How are you writing your story?

I could go on and on, but really, I need to get back to writing this story. It’s quite thrilling at the moment but there is light at the end of the week. Have an amazing weekend. Exciting announcements next week, I promise.

One Comment on “Write your story…

April 15, 2011 at 7:19 pm

oh.mi.gosh. I love this post. I couldn’t agree more with the original ideas thing! I like this quote from Wendell Berry “It’s awfully hard to have an idea that somebody else hasn’t already had, you know. The French writer André Gide worried that he wasn’t original enough, and then he finally consoled himself by realizing that the same things need to be said over and over again, because the times change, and the context shifts, and the language changes, and ideas need to be expressed again in new ways, to be submitted anew to the test of sentences.” I love that. So true!


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