April 21, 2011

The Seven Ghosts

Every once in a while, I am completely blown away by something. Not a simple “wow”, but a great big gobsmacked look of whiskey tango foxtrot was that?!?!

Today was one of those days. Sure, I don’t trawl the internet for amazing clips and I am sure there are more “extreme” clips out there, but the clip below this just completely changed a perception I had. It’s about a phenomenon called The Seven Ghosts.

The Seven Ghosts has been a rumour in the world of pro surfers for a few years now, but no one really knew if the chocolate coloured tubes existed in real life. Rip Curl, the surf brand that created ‘the search’ (for the world’s perfect wave), recently sent a team to deep Sumatra, Indonesia to find out.

The Seven Ghosts is a tidal bore, meaning it is a river in which the tide is brought in by a series of big waves. Apparently The Seven Ghosts has claimed many lives in the past, and has been known to eat up land like a tsunami.

It challenged the perception I had on surfing. I love being challenged like that. A bit like when Chrissie Wellington beats all the men in the run at an Ironman (sure, she was racing to within her limits whereas the boys were laying the hurt in new levels). I like how that challenges peoples perceptions of men vs women and whats possible, physically. It’s a debate I have gotten into fat arguments about.

Either way, a beautiful wave, a magical challenge and apparently the guys could ride a single wave for up to 35minutes. Minutes, not seconds. Minutes.

Have a beautiful Easter Weekend. I will be back on Tuesday in a bit of a hummmmm as I am treating the long weekend as my final push for African-X and Sani2c. Should be a few interesting moments out there.

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