April 26, 2011

Who is your Neutral Service?

Mavic have supplied the Pro Peleton with neutral support for years. This includes wheels and sometimes, bicycles, for when riders have mechanical issues or punctures and their team cars are not near them to supply a spare. The video illustrates how crazy their day is at Paris Roubaix, when punctures, falls and crashes are the norm, not the exception. When it comes to riding the yellow bikes, who can forget Jens Voigt riding that baby sized bike to the finish in Le Tour a few seasons back…


Neutral Service is such a fantastic name. That backup when backup fails. After putting up some truly (insert sarcastic voice) inspirational brotips on Friday on my Posterous Page it got me thinking about who my “Neutral Service” would be. That person cannot be favoring any outcome to the situation nor supply the perfect tool for your problem, but they are there to help you get through the situation and back into the running (i.e. Life).

I made a quick list this morning of the people who I believe could supply this service to me if I needed it and fired off an email to each of them to thank them for this strange role they could play in my life. Hopefully, if and when the proverbial hits the fan, they will now be ready. I like keeping people around me on their toes. It brings out the best in them.

I am nursing a bruised patella today, something causing me to focus all my patience to NOT do anything stupid. It`ll be a few days before I am back up to speed and I am already itchy to test it. This is stupid and I have made a line in permanent marker on each of my thumbs to make sure I don’t forget how stupid it would be to “test” it today. Drawing the line in the sand with minor injuries (this one from riding my mountain bike in Tokai and the berm I was riding simply washing away) is a tough one as I want to go out there and train because I am going so well at the moment.

Draw the line and stick to it. I have to keep reminding myself of this. One of the greatest threats any pro athlete has is not injury, but how they behave when injured. Please remind me to revisit this on another day… For today though, consider your Neutral Service and how to draw lines in the sand when it comes to minor injuries….

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July 5, 2011 at 9:10 am

I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imsposlibe.


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