April 28, 2011

Equipment Equipment

Boys love gear. It’s not a life changing statement and one that is pretty much widely accepted in the world. Equipment makes us happy. Whether its power drills, Morewood bikes or iPad2’s, we like our toys.

We are confined to keeping it in its own area, which I am sure you have become accustomed to. Let’s reflect on this area, often known as the Drawer of Death or the Man Drawer (kudos to TheHousemate for sending this along):

Excellent way to set the tone for the rest of this article. It is indeed extremely important for a man to have toys. If you do not believe me, please attend an Ironman race or a Geek conference. Worlds apart, they have 1 common fact: He with the most toys, wins.

So it is in this vain that I am doing a toys research program for O till O. A reminder of what that is…

54km of running.
11km of swimming.


Here are some images:


Really, equipment choice is going to make or break this day. Having the right wetsuit to be able to swim and run in, the right nutrition, the right shoes, the right paddles, pull buoy, socks, base layer, goggles, etc etc can all potentially ruin what is one of the toughest days in the world, anywhere. This is why I am researching and testing products already, possibly having custom stuff made and going about making it as easy as possible for my partner and myself.

Equipment plays a huge part in that. During Cape Epic 2009, we had ZERO issues with our Morewood bikes. In a race where mechanical issues can break you, our bikes held out perfectly. The 1 mechanical we had was human error, but there is no cure for that.

I have recently started riding a new bike and can honestly say that it’s a completely new animal. The work that has gone into every element of it’s design is incredible. I had years ago ridden it’s “older brother” for a season. It was considered the worlds fastest time trial bike for 10 years. This new, younger, more virile version has absolutely knocked my socks off. Want to guess what is it?

Testing equipment and making sure you have the best at your disposal nowadays is not that tough. Bike shops will try organize a ride for you. Running stores have demo shoes for you to take around a few blocks. Take your time. It’s possibly a big money decision, one which could affect you for years to come.

While I am nursing this knee of mine back to optimal health, it’s been fun to think of all the gear that makes getting from session to session just a little easier and analyse what I need to keep and what needs to be adapted. We should never stop innovating, testing and playing with gear. It’s an essential part of our nature.

A more inspirational post coming tomorrow…

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May 10, 2011 at 6:44 pm

I find this very funny, I have been eyeing this race for the last 2 or 3 years and was actually thinking today that you would do well at it! I have not read your blog in a while and then scrolling through it today, BANG here you are talking about O till O.

My run has a lot to be desired but this is near top of the list of things to do in the next few years!!

Are you planning to do it this year? And with who?
Very cool!


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