April 29, 2011

Cowboys are heroes

Canada Sports Hall Inductions

Often we get asked to say who our favorite racers, triathletes, cyclists are. As the boyish banter associates itself proudly to a Real Beer we are often caught up to try and prove a point, try and say why these 5 people changed the sport, changed the rules. My favorites are always the cowboys, those who break the rules and run solo. Those who go so far that they implode so beautifully at times that their competitors can’t help but love them too, slightly envious of their ability to go beyond.

There are a few characteristics out there for me, which make you a hero, to me.

1. Workload – those who put in the workload to get the success are heroes. Some guys and girls simply have to work harder to get to the top. Classic examples for me are Peter Reid, Craig Alexander and Lance Armstrong. Yes, Armstrong.

2. Ingenuity – there are riders, runners and tacticians out there who have to pull every wily foxy move to get the win. I love that they are able to calculate and recalculate on an ongoing basis, playing out every option and outcome in their minds as they are going full tilt. I salute guys like Macca, like Thomas Voeckler, who sometimes win against all odds, even when they are stacked against possibly better competitors.

3. Badgers – love these guys. They attack and fight until you are in the corner. They will never give up. Never. Especially when the chips are down. Pantani, Dave Scott, Conrad Stoltz and James Cunnama come to mind. If you relent your attention for a second, they will be up the road, attacking again.

Make a list of your top 5 Ironman, Cycling or even Business guys and write down the traits you like in them. Possibly these are things you wished you had more of yourself. Stick it up somewhere. Remember that you value their contribution to your world. Emulate their best, so be better than you currently are.

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May 4, 2011 at 4:14 am

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