May 4, 2011

Because we deem it so.

I struggle to comprehend a seemingly growing problem with the world. This acceptance of it just being ok.

That average is enough.

Look, I am surrounded by you people. You are the inspiration for this piece of writing, what with blowing limits out the water and raising the game out there. You deem it so that average is mediocre and that average is something you stopped striving for a while ago. You deem it so to fill your life with inspiration and motivation for you to better yourself. You deem it so to fill your time with moments that raise you up, take your breath away and absolutely redefine the perception you have of what is “impossible”.

You deem it so.

Because we deem it so.

As a collective group, we are aiming to improve ourselves as well as the whole world. We deem it so to be aware of the planet and how fragile it may be at this moment after decades of abuse. We deem it so to demand that the best equipment be made available to us, the best coaching, the best nutrition. We deem it so because we will not accept anything but the best.

In our sports.

In our families.

In our lives entirely.

From something as simple as demanding the best coffee or the finest glass of wine to something as complex as disappointing important people in our lives to stay true to this vision of what we want to be, we demand the best of ourselves and those around us.

You inspire me by demanding the absolute best of me.

Thank you.

One Comment on “Because we deem it so.

morne van greunen
May 4, 2011 at 6:37 pm

Great article “because we deem it so”! All the best for Africa X & keep us up-dated!


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