May 17, 2011

Where are you?

So I am a generally inquisitive guy and I have a few profiles online but some I have never shared as they are new. I thought you may enjoy some of the platforms for your own application. Here is where you can find me:

Twitter is where I share news and happenings. Give me a follow.

Facebook has it’s own Urban Ninja page. Or is that the other way around?

Posterous is where I place arbitrary photos and clips. I am using it less and less and am finding I am enjoying Tumblr a little more.

Tumblr is my newest toy. I am treating it as an inspiration-only-no-ads-platform and keeping it as simple as possible.

Pinterest is something I have been playing with for a bit, basically assembling a pin board for future houses I want to own, places I want to travel and inspirational quotes. Oh, and awesome dog photos.

Work is where I spend the most time. I work with an incredible team of people. We build incredible systems for some of the best clients in the world. I am excited to walk in the door here, every morning. I have worked here for a year now.

Family farms are quite a thing and ours is especially fantastic. The focus is quality, patience and having the zen to wait that extra year for the product to be perfect, not only drinkable. We are drinking `06 vintage now and will continue to age gracefully with this place, just like the vines.

So that is really where you will find the bits of me all over the place on the Internet. A bit of a boring post, I realise, but perhaps you find you have a passion which suits one of the platforms – twitter, tumblr, pinterest or something else – and perhaps you start your own piece of real estate and who knows, perhaps you discover an incredible hidden talent and you change the world somehow…

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