May 23, 2011

Subaru Sani2c Presented by BoE Private Clients


For once a race report will just not do. What we, as a collective group who rode Sani2c experienced last week, simply cannot do, is put it into words “how we did overall”. It would be cutting the race and the experience short on all fronts.

Sure, myself and my Fretten had no clear expectations on overall race performance, instead shooting for the option to ride hard and see where we end up. Sure, we had free barley, hops and water after every stage from avid supporters of Pure Planet Racing in the form of BoE Private Clients, opting for social entertainment ahead of extra sleep.


But really, when you race Sani2c, you should take the time to realise you are riding one of the most beautiful races in the world, organised by one of the most passionate teams in the world. You eat till you cannot any more because the food is so good, you ride single track until your brain is fried and you scream with joy.

You are in the middle of a humming maze of athletes, helpers and excitement. Sure, there is suffering and there are mechanicals, punctures, crashes and people who might not be having fun but they are the minority where the masses are all out having the best times of their lives.


Proper adventure.

Epic scenery.

World class organisation.

Thank you Sani2c, I will be back every single year.

For the moments where my breathe was taken away (plenty), for the single track bomb of nearly 30km non-stop into the Umkomaas Valley where my perception of mountain biking was changed forever, for the partnership created with one of my best friends, for throwing us in the deep end with lots of life jackets around, for giving us the best food to replenish our weary minds after pushing our limits for hours and hours.

For the simple eloquence of being away from the world for 3 days and being able to recharge, relax and live simply. Those are big gifts. Thank you.

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