May 24, 2011

Challenge Cape Town Training Programs Available


In an effort to share more knowledge and due to the fact that I am not coaching one-on-one any longer, I have created a 24 week comprehensive program for Challenge Cape Town on the 6th November. This has no association with the actual race, but this program offers the following:

1. It’s build for those who just want to finish all the way to those wanting to win their age groups.
2. It is course specific to the race and the challenges that the race route presents specific to this race: Cold Water, Hills and more hills (and possibly wind).
3. It explains the basics for success and the various tricks to maximize your aerobic capacity, get to your optimal weight and be able to move with minimum energy for hours on hours at a time.

There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area as well as explaining all the terms within the program.

The program starts around 12 hours per week and peaks at 18-19 hours per week throughout the peak weeks. There is no wasted time and no pointless mileage in here, just good clean work with a purpose towards building aerobic capacity and economy for all three legs of the race. It includes core work as well as basic nutrition information and a race day calorie calculator for you to take into your training to make sure you are practicing correctly.

It sets out your training from right now until the actual race for each and every day, taking you through the months including rest weeks, mini training camp weeks and building through the year so that you will peak at the right time for the race in early November.

I am asking R1800.00 for the full program, which works out to R300.00 per month. This does not buy you one-on-one time with me but I will endeavor to answer questions you may have as your training progresses over the months. This is a once-off payment and around half the cost of what I would normally charge per month for coaching.

If you are interested in the program please contact me by clicking the contact page and getting in touch with me that way.

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