June 2, 2011

High Fat Diets

I share a few things with James Cunnama. Dislike of people who feel the need to talk all the time, eating KFC before big races, and a love for this song:

True story.

Out of those 3, the KFC might stand out. In fact, the talented people in my office always know its race day on the weekend if I arrive back from lunch on a Friday with a bag of KFC. The idea is that its the last day of fat loading, before a day of higher carbs leading into the race on Sunday. I have had success employing a high fat diet for years now, teaching my body to use fat for fuel even when I rest, essentially upping the fat oxidation rate and improving body composition. It didn’t happen overnight though.

Don’t believe me, read this article, by the lady who started it all in 2000 when she did her thesis on this. Julia Goedecke, we thank you for this contribution to the world of endurance sports.

Make the tough choice. Cut the sugar, up the fat…

One Comment on “High Fat Diets

Doc G
June 3, 2011 at 7:23 am

It’s the choices we make everyday. Food choices can be a powerful indicator.


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