June 10, 2011

Quick Carbon Footprint INDICATOR

It’s Friday and we`ll end the week off with a quick indicator of why we created Pure Planet Racing, using Nedbank’s quick carbon footprint calculator. Simply go to this page and for a quick overview, choose the basic option, as I did this morning. This gives an indication of the problem at hand. For a more in depth measurement, click the Lifestyle option.


It runs you through a few basic screens. One of the major concerns for Pure Planet Racing is the travel to and from races. For the races this year alone, I will be driving around 5 000km and this forms the biggest part of my footprint as a concern. So if we can travel in the car with 3 extra guys – that largely reduces the footprint. Now imagine if 100 extra people did this at every race? Here is a quick scenario before we get to my indicative footprint…

If your car averages 8 liters per 100km, for every 3km we drive, we add 1kg of carbon emissions. If we travel to Grabouw for Xterra, that is 18.33kg of carbon emission per car. I would estimate there are at least 1000 cars that travel to the race. 18 333kg of emission for that race alone, generated by us, the people attending the race, in one short day. Thankfully Stillwater Sports takes their side of the day, the actual event, extremely seriously and work on reducing their footprint is always underway.

Back to my calculations:

I fly around 10 times a year, stay in a hotel for the evening and come back the next day. This is purely for work and local sport. Here is the result of my basic calculations:


How scary is that?

Now you see why we are pushing hard on this issue. I am a part of the problem.

Something to think about over the weekend. Next week I will go through the full assessment and include plastic, foods, etc and why recycling is important, as well as how to work at neutralizing the problem somewhat. Have a great weekend.

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