June 13, 2011

Be Yourself


So people think we are strange. So what. They smell their farts. They worry about the germs on a shopping trolley and sanitize their hands on the way in but use the card machine at the till and the ATM machine on the way out. We all justify, we all do strange things. Be proud of who you are.

I choose being stared at, ridiculed and/or waved away any day of the week over squeezing myself into the small box that society presents me as “normal”. I choose to disassociate myself with that word. Normal. Almost as bad as calling yourself and settling for being average.

I don’t care if you come in 1587th or if you come in 10minutes ahead of the field. Just be yourself.

Fitting in and lying to yourself about who you are just doesn’t float my boat. It makes me weak in the knees with regret. Regret for never having tried going to the extra mile, for taking the leap of faith into the unknown unidentifiable world that is my potential. I refuse to accept the version of myself that you want me to be. I will stand up and defend what I know to be one the most true things in the world – what my gut tells me I really am. Deep down we all know who we are. Beyond the material self worth our possessions delude us to, beyond the clothes, the bikes, the job, the 2.25 children and the white Prius.

Be yourself.

There is no faster way to happiness than being yourself. If you are wild, reign it in a positive direction. If you are as smart as the guys in my office, do what they do and BE a nerd. They are more true to that than any office I have ever worked in and man, I learn from them every day.

Smash the box, blow your supposed ceiling of potential out the water like a Mythbusters experiment and walk proud. Own it. Be the rockstar I know you are. Release yourself and stand tall.

If you achieve one thing this year, let this be it. Forget the hype, ditch the toys and sit alone with yourself in silence comfortably, knowing that what you are is more than enough.

Be yourself out there and support those who are stretching the very fabric of what’s real to be themselves.

Have a great week out there. This is your time.

One Comment on “Be Yourself

June 13, 2011 at 7:55 pm

thank you for posting this! I love it! Staying true to my own beliefs, goals and potential is what i have been doing for the last months. And it’s like riding the bike on an untraveled road. Sometimes it’s really difficult, and you would prefer going back… nevertheless you know that the effort is worth it. And people are blinded by their own limitations. Most of them would prefer to make fun of your way of thinking. But I really enjoy this process of discovering my full potential and transforming it into something useful for others too. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for yourself and to live authentically.


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