June 14, 2011

Those silly low cadence intervals.


I love LOW cadence work. Keep the Heart Rate to AeT, smash the cadence down to 50 RPM, go all uphills like this. hold the control, sit your rear down in the saddle and grind it out for 10-20min, like an elephant in a tutu.


THIS is why.

Sure, it looks stupid. But hey, it turned me from the guy who got out the water near the front and lost places the entire bike ride to being the guy who got out the water and kept passing people the entire bike ride.

The only question is whether you want it badly enough to put up with your mind and the comments from others?

One Comment on “Those silly low cadence intervals.

Kristian Manietta
June 22, 2011 at 1:26 am

This type of riding as you say definitely either keeps you at the front or helps you move through the field (when you don’t have such an awesome swim as you ;).

Another favourite on a trainer that you can add a LOT of resistance.
20′ w/u
20x 1′ ALL OUT against an extrememly high resistance that will only allow you 40-45 rpm max. Followed by 1′ easy- this should be no load and just turning the pedals to recover and get you ready for the next interval.
10′ easy spin c/d
This session will significantly increase your on the road bike strength when done year round. Best placed the day after your long endurance sessions becuase this set is 50% recovery- the ‘work’ portion provides an anabolic stimulus to mitigate the catabolic effects of aerobic metabolism. So while its HARD it actually promotes recovery of the aerobic system while you can tax your muscular system. One more thing- really focus on your legs- get your mind into the working muscles and you’ll recruit more dormant muscle fibers.

Good fun… enjoy.


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