June 20, 2011

Lose yourself

Picture courtesy of Guy With Camera

Either you get it, or you might never get it. Perhaps, you just don’t want to get it. Your fear is holding you back.

You`re either the guy in the picture, or you`re the guy in the car waiting for us to finish our Baywatch runs sans speedo.

You`re either the guy who takes a chance at owning your slice of life, possibly ending in the gutter with a smile on your dial, or you`re the guy who took the safe option and stayed home, littering your mind with excuses. You`re the guy making the choice to overcome his fears or you`re the guy at the office canteen moaning about being short changed.

Learn to let go. It’s something I value most in others as it’s something I have to reinforce in my life every day. I am not the most free-spirited guy in the world. I am attempting daily to be less controlled and lose myself more regularly, accidentally-on-purpose of course. It’s a choice by choice related matter and the inspiration comes from the amazing people in my life who personify letting go at the perfect time. Timing it is another matter which takes time to master, effort to learn and mistakes to perfect.

Go out there this week and make mistakes, learn something brand new about yourself and perhaps, throw yourself in the deep end to see which swimming aids (read: people, knowledge) you need to stay afloat.

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