June 28, 2011

Urban Ninja Tour de France Competition


So the competition is here. What do you do? How do you win? Simple – I have created a Fantasy League for you to play off for the prizes. Yes, I have found more prizes. For you. So join and get in on the fun. The Tour is the best few weeks of the year, each stage bringing challenges and now, a chance to enter your own “dream team”, making you Sports Director… it’s going to be awesome!

Here is the process:

1. Log onto and click the Tour de France Button.


2. Join the Urban Ninja League. It’s FREE! League Code is 19617238485236.


3. Put together your team…


Last week I hinted at the first prize (overall highest points) in the Urban Ninja Tour de France Competition. Custom Oakley Jawbones.

They are worth R3 500.00

That is first prize. Here are the other prizes:

2nd Prize (2nd overall on points) – 1 set of Pure Planet Racing Cycling Kit (top + bibs) worth R1 500.00

3rd Prize (3rd overall on points) – 1 x set of Puma FAAS500 shoes, worth R900.00

Daily Prize – There is a prize per stage of 1 set of Black Spade Racing socks worth R75.00 for the person who earns the most points per stage. Total value is R1 575.00

There are 2 random prizes of Urban Ninja Caps worth R180.00 each. Here is a picture of a legend in the cap. Know his name?


And then lastly, I am going to award a prize to someone completely random. I won a set of Oakley Ten’s at Garmin Warmwater Weekend. I have yet to use them. I am simply going to give them away. What I want for that prize is yet to come – have to think of something unique, probably using Facebook. So like my Facebook page and the details will follow on there.

Pretty simple hey, just like Superbru. Let’s rally each other up, get your mates to join and lets play the league. Currently that’s around R8 000.00 worth of prizes.

As a bonus, you also enter the Bicycling league and can win their hamper too. Every little bit counts.

So slot in NOW before the slots close and the competition is running.

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