July 11, 2011

Black Spade Racing Tour de France Special

With the Tour de France going for a week now and the Fantasy League at 85 competitors, Black Spade Racing have already donated socks as daily prizes for the League. In addition to this, they wanted to offer all the readers of Urban Ninja some discount on their bicycles for the next 2 weeks whilst le Tour is running. Check out their website here and have a look at the specials, listed below. Some really great deals going:



Carbon Road bike, ISP, Ritchey handlebar and stems, Rival and Carbon BSR wheels, RRP is R 31 000

Special: R 26 500

Same bike with force : R 34 000 RRP

Special : R 29 000

Same with Red : RRP is R 39 000

Special is R 35 000

For Time Trial:


Uberhund 420g Carbon TT bars, Carbon Frame and full carbon fork, seatpost, Ritchey stem and saddle with carbon BSR wheels.

With Rival: RRP R 31 500

Special : R 27 000

With Force: RRP R 34 500

Special is : R 29 500

With RED: R 39 500

Special is R 35 500

Some really nice deals in there if you are currently in the market for a new road or time trial bike. Black Spade do full custom bikes as well at a marginal extra cost, so if you have any inquiries for these specials or custom bikes, drop them an email on their contact page.

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