July 11, 2011

Tour de France Fantasy League Update


So it’s finally the first rest day at Tour de France 2011.

I saw and had to work through every day’s scores to work out who has won the daily prize of 1 set of Black Spade Racing Socks, plus 10 Sachets of Rehidrat Sport. I imagined there would have been 30-40 guys involved in the competition but you have completely outdone yourselves. 85 current participants and our leader is currently 12th overall in the world on the rankings. The top 5 are seperated by only a few points and I am so excited by this competition and the fun it’s created that I will definitely be doing more of them in the future. So here are the daily winners:

Stage 1: Collin Allin

Stage 2: Fiktusz Carol Marian

Stage 3: Fiktusz Carol Marian

Stage 4: Tim Allemann

Stage 5: Quinton Walker

Stage 6: Allan Cutchman

Stage 7: Trevor White

Stage 8: Tim Allemann

If your name is on that list, please drop me an email at raoul [at] with your contact details and delivery address so that I can get your winnings to you asap.

Quite a bit has happened at Le Tour so far. Read a short summary here if you please. The best images are on this blog and of course, there is still time to win some daily prizes and the random prizes by joining my Fantasy League.

Tomorrow the days start rolling closer to the big mountains where the fur will fly. Get your team in, have some fun and win some prizes.


One Comment on “Tour de France Fantasy League Update

July 11, 2011 at 8:11 pm

where is your post about 7:41:33!?
looking forward to it!


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