July 20, 2011


Watching Le Tour this year I have noticed how much “fronting” is going on. How much the crowd, the media and the riders like to play up their chances and their stories and how much “Presentation” is going on versus how much “Action” is truly going down. It has not been my favorite Tour by a mile and yesterday we finally saw some real action and have started seeing the time gaps appear.

Over the last 2 days I have been in long workshops in Jozi for a big project I am working on at my normal work. It has meant early to late hours and putting on a smiley face even when exhausted at the end of the day and aiming to provide valuable contribution as well as being able to extract the vital information that is and isn’t (body language, hidden messages – all part of my job) being said.

I realised this was also just a part of presenting the right story to the audience.

Sometimes we have to fake it till we make it. At other times, we have to be truly honest and say that we just don’t understand or possibly have what the other party is looking for.

Whilst there may be excuses for not matching action with presentation, at times we simply have to present to get ahead and hopefully be able to deliver on the action in the near future. This is an essential part of business, of sport, of relationships, etc.

My to-do list has just dropped under 40 and my “For Follow-up” email folder just dropped under 100. I am going to take the action here to say that tomorrow, I will be back with a full blog post, with oomph and gusto. Today, I cannot present to you that I have the time to put all that together. I can simply leave you with another great image from Le tour.

Whilst I have been critical over where the GC heroes are, we have been presented with real heroes at this Tour and one of the biggest for me is Thor. His style, his panache and the way in which he wins is truly out the top shelf. So many lessons.


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