July 25, 2011

Hydration Basics

Being properly hydrated is not optional and that news is not new news. Indeed, when we are dehydrated in a serious manner, performance goes out the window. The trick is to learn to race hydrated or slightly dehydrated towards the middle and end of the race. How do we do this? It takes practise and pushing the limits in training from time to time to determine what your body feels like and works like when you are consuming specific types or fluids.

Here are some basics I like to follow:

1. Any run over 10km, make sure you have a glass (250ml) of sports drink (you know my choice) before you head out the door.
2. Any run over 15km, make sure you can get some water in along the route somewhere.
3. Any run over 20km, it’s essential to take fluids along and be able to nurse yourself with constant drink along the way.
4. Don’t do a long run with a hangover. Ever. Starting that dehydrated is just bad for your body.
5. Drink to thirst.
6. Don’t down a whole bottle of drink in one go. Sloshy tummies are for dummies.
7. Re-hydrate slowly after races, not downing bottles of sugar water straight over the line.

What do they say about learning in 7`s? I`ll leave you with those 7 simple tips to training optimally hydrated. If we train better, we race better and this is an often overlooked part of your daily training. I know too many people to drink coffee all day and end up bailing from planned workouts in the afternoon because they are dehydrated to start their afternoon sessions.

Have a great week out there and remember…assume nothing. This article was brought to you by Rehidrat Sport, my personal choice in sports drink.


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