July 26, 2011



The Tour is over (and yes, winners will be announced for the Fantasy League tomorrow), so we pause for a moment before the next races start.

Sometimes to me, if feels like I have been holding my breath for a while and then, when I finally exhale (which feels like I have been holding my breath for months at times), there is a notable pause-like-feeling to that day. Today is just such a day. There is a long exhale as projects are coming to an end, others are just beginning and training is at a phase of constant management (it’s winter, so sniffles, niggles and lack of training in sunlight are hard on the body and mind) and walking, as my Gringo likes to say, the razors edge.

Quite a year already and in 6 weeks time, I will be in Sweden racing one of the craziest races in the world. I will then attempt to race an Xterra 5 days later, on shattered legs. In the interim, there is so much to do that I just have to smile and have a chuckle. The pause today is much needed.

At New Media Labs, we develop software with this methodology. We work mega hard for 2 weeks and then we pause, restructure, and smash it all over again. The pause is an important part of our work environment and it’s a time to reflect and plan ahead. Without the pause, how do we ever adapt, learn and change our ways, how do we ever have a chance to admire the smell, sight and energy of the moment?

When the pause hit, grab it by the horns and make sure you get the zen out of it, make sure you recharge and ready yourself for the next burst.

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Doc G
July 27, 2011 at 9:33 pm

Nice one. Continuing with the pause theme.

In nature, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that “motion and change, and identity or rest (pause) are the first and second secrets of nature”


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