July 28, 2011

Just shut up and ride…

Life Cycles OFFICIAL Trailer from Life Cycles on Vimeo.

All the talk, all the banter, all the incessant he said she said….

All the excuses, the “reasons”…

Shut your mouth and get on your bike. Get on the road. Hit the trails. Pedal till you`re dizzy and your legs ache like your first broken heart, then recover and do it all over again. Do it for nobody but yourself. Get in the zone and don’t come out for hours, just be there, comfortably in the zone where your world has paused to let you give everything you have to yourself for just a few hours.

This post is inspired by the boys who come on Epic Unsupported Tour. Who let life pause for a week or so in the search for the quiet power out there, somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, where it’s always be to be found. With a bit of tough love, we all find our best self out there.

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