August 3, 2011

Tour de France Competition Results


Finally, I have the results here for you as well as the overall results and the random prizes. I personally had a lot of fun with the league and it should be an ongoing thing every year for Le Tour. A special thanks to the sponsors who made it all possible…

Oakley, Pure Planet Racing, Puma, Black Spade Racing, Rehidrat Sport all came to the party and gave massive value to the whole experience. The banter that went around on email alone was worth it and next year I will try co-ordinate all the banter in a forum somewhere.

First off, here are the stage results, for the outstanding stages:

Stage 10: Trevor White
Stage 11: Trevor White
Stage 12: Rob Gilmour
Stage 13: Ian Smuts
Stage 14: Carlo Botha
Stage 15: Henk v d Helde
Stage 16: Jaco v Tonder
Stage 17: Carlo Botha
Stage 18: Daniel Cunnama
Stage 19: Mark Ward
Stage 20: Ian Smuts
Stage 21: Johan du Toit

That left us with an amazing top 3, who won:

1st Place: Custom Oakley Jawbones: Carlo Botha

2nd Place: Pure Planet Racing Cycling Kit: Trevor White

3rd Place: Puma FAAS500 Shoes: Jaco v Tonder

We also had some random prizes, here are the winners:

Oakley Ten Eyewear: Donovan Dunn

Sinimatella have been kind enough to donate a Lantern Rouge type prize, two tickets to the Cape Town screening of Life Cycles on the 17th August 2011. I wanted to award this to the guy/girl who I know put a bit of effort in, but may not have gotten the results. I wanted to award these 2 tickets to Andrew Hall. Keen as mustard, but way off the money for the win.

The 2 random Urban Ninja caps go out to Vincent Nortier & Johan Badenhorst, because well… I say so.

Thank you to all who played. A great Tour was had and now we look forward to the Vuelta, just around the corner.

If you have won anything, please drop me an email at raoul [at] with your details.

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