August 11, 2011

The Point of the Rules


Why do we have rules?

Why should we adhere to them?

Questions around this are being debated all around the world this week as a few reprobates take to the streets and loot and pillage as they please. I am not one to discuss politics here but hey, if you feel the need to burn down 200 year old pieces of history, I hope for your sake that your karmic balance doesn’t come back to high five you in the face.

Are rules there to give confidence to those who don’t have it? Does it give them the structure they need to achieve?

Are the rules there to herd the reprobates as kindly as possible? I believe if that’s your mentality and breaking the rules was eating organic and 2 hours of steady exercise a day, reprobates would be winning all the races.

The rules of cycling and of any sport are there to govern the sport and the behavior of those who partake in it. At some point, the rules will be debated and as always, they will be pushed to the limit and broken where possible, as long as you can get away with it, right?

Is it worth getting away with it 10 times to be caught once?

For me, the point of having rules is to have a guideline.

Much like my frustration with the training wear choice of many triathletes, the rules are there to make sure we aren’t all riding in speedo’s through Camps Bay or running on the promenade in Trisuits on a Thursday afternoon, just because. If you do either of those, please stop it. It’s emboerrssssssssing for the rest of us. You give other triathletes a bad name. Speedo’s are for the pool and trisuits are for race day.

lone wolf

Then there are the unspoken rules. That’s quite an important post to read if you are a cyclist. Don’t be that guy in the Ed Hardy cycling shirt and 80`s Banesto cycling bibs with green mid calf socks.

Some rules are made to be bent, some obey’d and others broken, depending on your point of view and your willingness to be caught and possibly fail at the task. What are you willing to risk?

Rules and risk are part and parcel . Remember to balance them carefully. Add that to Risk and Reward which are also part and parcel and you will hopefully see that Risk is a big part of success. So are the Rules. It’s time to learnt how to risk smartly, don’t you think? Risk within the Rules and Reward will be yours.

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