August 23, 2011

Dreaming of Simple


A few days before I leave for O till O and Xterra Switzerland.

A thousand to do’s on the list and a seemingly never ending list of tasks attached to it. I added to the pressure, in some way or another, I realise.

Building a new bike a day before leaving, not the smartest move, but delayed couriers and missing parts means that’s how it is, not 10 days before we go.

Customs giving delays on wetsuits coming specifically for the race, not ideal.

The list goes on. Work is not at a slow pace either, with a multitude of projects running at a thousand miles an hour, each requiring a delicate, patient hand at managing expectations and delivering within deadlines.

So as this all goes down, this picture popped into my afternoon and it made me realise how I am dreaming of simple. To ride in the hills in Switzerland, to be calmly swimming in the Archipelago in Sweden before the race and to just sit in some of the most beautiful places in the world and just SIT there for an hour or two.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to find these places, that they are so close. I am grateful for incredible equipment partners who turn time to get me things before I leave and I am incredibly excited for the trip. Now if it will all just fall together nicely, like a planned building demolition.


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