August 25, 2011


handmade from Gary Perkin on Vimeo.

Every once in a while, I come across a brand that I truly love. Puma, Rapha, Orca, Swiftwick. Products that speak for themselves, rather than shouting weights and marketing from the rooftops. I am fortunate enough to have a working relationship with Morewood. I recently sold the 29er I have been riding for 8 months and the delays in getting a new one due to courier service mishaps have been epic, frustrating and got me a little grumpier than I imagined. It’s because I love these bikes. They are incredible to ride and the video above highlights why they are so unique.

I am off to collect the new Kwela 29er in about an hour and I cannot wait to show you the pictures. I chose the parts carefully. I went long on details and I am proud to say that this is the very first top-spec MTB I will ever own. I feel I am ready. Will Xterra Switzerland reward me with the same notions?

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