September 13, 2011

Back In The Mix


On return to the office this morning, this was in my inbox, sent a week ago by my boss at NML. In it there were too many short bursts of awesome for me to actually comprehend, so I’ve had it open on the desktop and scan it every 30minutes or so to find another great sentence to inspire me.

This last trip has left me feeling very different to other trips. Sure, I could have stayed longer, but there were many reasons to come back. An amazing home, a loving girlfriend, a serious block of work for Challenge Cape Town, a big chunk of work to be done at NML before the curtains close on another year of work here and many fun things to tie up before the end of play, 2011. This trip has left me perfectly calm with a real sense of what makes me very content, a state which I particularly enjoy. As such, I am going to put together a 3 year plan in the next few weeks to maximize those things. Opportunities are everywhere and I need to stand on top of a ladder to make sure they are aligned.

The ladder, obviously, is supported by a close, but strong network of trustworthy people.

I want to take them with me on the journey and share all the things you read in the picture above with them.

There are no real excuses to not achieve this and I am pretty sure that this platform will be a great place to document it all.

A week of real reflection lies ahead. It’s exciting and I am pretty sure you`ll all be sick and tired of it by next week, so I will add some athletic content in there for you as well.

Have a great week…

One Comment on “Back In The Mix

September 13, 2011 at 1:40 pm

Can I put in a special request for the athletic content? Show us the Garmin files for OtillO 🙂


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