September 26, 2011



This weekend the whole triathlon world watched as seemingly, the two Saffas raced one Lance Armstrong in Utah. As was expected, there was much Caveman / Armstrong banter doing the rounds. I had no doubt that it would not come down to those 2 athletes. Xterra is a highly contested space and I just didn’t feel that either had the run. A year ago, I believe Conrad had a bike ride that left him untouchable. This year it has been much closer and in Switzerland, I watched Nico Lebrun smash the run in a way I have rarely seen. I knew Dan was ready to show that his days are but starting and if you look at the average age of the top 10 Pro’s at Xterra, you will know that Dan has 10 years of racing left.

It’s never a two horse race. There is always a hungry badger in the corner who wants his 15 minutes and has gone very silently about preparing for the fight.

Never ever walk around with the blinkers on when the world is watching.

To ALL the pro’s at Xterra on the weekend, who put up the best show we have ever seen in Xterra – thank you for that. I was glued to my screen, following no less than 6 Twitter accounts for best to the minute information. To the Texan who brought the media to the party – gracias senor. You have highlighted a sport which deserves some limelight.

Maui is going to be incredible. Never discount a wounded Caveman or an even-hungrier Hugo. The next few weeks should be interesting to watch from the sidelines.

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