September 29, 2011

Quantified Self

Recently I discovered there was a term for collecting all sorts of data on devices and measuring your performance gains over time. I mean, I work with one Paul Cartmel, possibly the king of gadgets and measurement. When I went through the process of losing 8kg a few years back, I tracked my calories, progress and weight, I wrote down how I felt when I woke each day and tracked my training as well. The project was a success because of this, I am sure.

So now, Quantified Self is a great way to explain all this behavior. The video gives an intro to that and I wanted to drop you some resources if that was your thing, well, because I have a hunch there are more than just a few people who read this blog who would fit into this “box”.

Quantified Self Tracking Guide.

Quantified Self and the Future of Health Care.

Changing Behavior Using Data.

Invasion of the Body Hackers.

That should keep you busy for a few hours.

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