October 5, 2011


When you`re on the ground, your horizons are quite low.

Once you put in the work, climb a little higher, your horizons expand, stretch and become brighter, cleaner and so, your limits disappear. 5km becomes 10km becomes 21km becomes 42km and then who knows, maybe 165km through the mountains of Leadville.

Sure, people will scrunch their faces, question your motives and wonder what it wrong with you.


They can’t see your horizons. They aren’t living the benefits, they haven’t gotten out there, experienced what you have and the feeling, the emotions it gave you.

So what the hell do they know.

Climb higher, see further and see the horizons beyond your known possible.

One Comment on “Horizons

October 5, 2011 at 12:41 pm

… literally tears rolling because of the souls yearning from inspiration!


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