October 18, 2011

Welcome to Urban Ninja 4.0

You are now using the new, improved Urban Ninja. In an effort to improve services, I teamed up with Obox Themes to have a full custom design done for Urban Ninja, a first since I started this blog 3.5 year ago.

As you can see, I have tried to keep the clean look and feel as much as possible. All the information you require is on the home page and here is how to best navigate the site.

On the header, the Categories menu item is a drop down to the new, simplified categories list. Here you will find them broken down into those categories, in the traditional blog style. Also in the header are the links to my Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and RSS feeds.

The slider at the top of the page hosts the 5 latest posts on the blog, which virtually replaces the old blog entirely.

Below that are the 4 main pages which people use, Pure Planet Racing, Coaching, our family farm Kleinhoekkloof and the About page.

I have included the latest 2 posts from the most popular categories in Urban Ninja, which are Movement (relating to all things movement), Balance (what we are all aiming to achieve) and Inspiration (essentially why you come here). If you want to see more in those categories, click the Categories header item for the drop-down menu.

The Partners who make this website possible are listed below that. An full in-depth list of all partners, technical and presenting, are listed by clicking the Sponsors item in the header as well.

Here are some of the other features I love about the redesign:

1. Integrated Facebook Comments. I love these and they make it easier for you to leave comments and share comments.
2. The ability to give each partner to this website it’s own page.
3. This website works on all mobile devices, thanks to Obox’s Mobile Plugin for WordPress.
4. I can customise the header background for each post I put up which allows me to be more specific with video, etc. You will see this post has a background on the header that you will not find anywhere else on the website.
5. There is a video channel coming soon. We are filming the first 10 episodes of Urban Ninja TV this weekend…

More than anything, I wanted to have this remain a blog because that is what it is. I am not trying to be a news channel or a magazine. A big thank you to Marc, Dave & The Coding Bro who make up Obox for being patient and calm and presenting a more professional looking blog to you & to your continued support. I look forward to hearing your comments (good and bad) about the new layout.

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