October 19, 2011

Challenge Cape Town Postponed: So What. Be the Journey.

As you know there have been rumors and this morning, confirmation that Challenge Cape Town has been postponed. I got an email saying blah blah (really, not like you care about the rest) you can have your money back or have an entry for next year + a team entry for free. Whilst the race has been struggling to get race routes approved and been even worse at communicating these changes with hopeful participants, we have gone about our business to get ready for the race.

Sure, I am disappointed, like most others. But here is the thing.

When you were training in the dark, in the wet and the cold through winter – surely you didn’t expect a pot of gold somewhere on the Promenade that would make it all worth it, make it all seem like the past and right all the wrongs in your life?

If you were preparing for this race as meticulously as I have in the last few weeks, you would have gone through the high and low moments that are so common in these last preparation weeks. The journey is the ride, not the race. Sure, race day will seemingly come (some time in 2012 even though no date was mentioned) and for some, this allows time to prepare a little better, but I urge you to find peace in the fact that you have given so much and that the reward is with you, right there, as you read this.

Close your eyes and feel how amazing your body feels after all this work. I am skinnier than I have been all year and I am amped to find another race or two before the end of the year to go have fun at. This is not the end of the world – in fact, its an opportunity.

Sure, I want to kick in the door on the Challenge car when I see it next, but merely as tough love, as kindness of sorts. These things happen and just because there is no race day doesn’t mean that all the jam has been stolen out of my doughnut.

I urge you to take the work you have done for this race and carry it with you into the season. Somewhere, you`ll ride off the front of a group somewhere and reap the benefits without really being aware that it was the cold, wet mornings you donned every piece of cycling clothing you owned and exercised new bike skills just to make it back home.

Nobody can take that away from you. When we eventually get a race date for 2012 (holding thumbs like an 8 year old kid) we can go in better prepared.

Adapt your schedule, show yourself the honor you deserve by unleashing the beast within somewhere else, calmly and quietly. Be the journey. Skip the name and shame routine, skip the tantrums and show the world that endurance sports is a lifestyle that improves every aspect of our lives, not just our performance on race day.

Go out there and be great. Get it done.

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