October 24, 2011

Going All In

Whooooaaa! What a fun clip.

What a great weekend. While my significant other ways away I went all in on the weekend. I had every reason to chill out after a very long few weeks but instead opted to pack in as much as possible into those 48 hours. That included far too many Jack Black’s, 2 awesomesauce single track sessions, a ride with the Songo guys, a Mexican party where I went as Nacho Libre, sampling grain fed pork & Chorizo burgers at Steenberg, catching up with James Cunnama and shooting some bike fitting, tire choice, Pure Planet Racing & a few other random videos with the team from GoPro.

I am full of energy today and as I look back over the weekend there is a smile that crawls over my face. Sometimes we can achieve so little when we are demotivated. After the cancelling of Challenge, it took me a few days to get back into stride, I won’t lie. Adapting training, arranging travel and adjusting goals on short notice doesn’t always fit well when you had been putting together form and specific movement (read: I was ready to go steady for 9 hours, I am now prepping to go fast for 5).

But so it is. We go all in on the next few weeks, culminating in 2 great events. At Wines2Wales we are riding for Pure Planet Racing and as part of the commitment from the team, are planting up R10 000 worth of plants shortly afterward along the cycling paths of Cape Town. For Double Century, we are taking a Pure Planet Racing team with considerable strength and we are going to aim at finishing as a unit, all 12 riders, as fast as possible. It takes a special effort to keep all 12 together and quite a bit more teamwork than you can imagine.

That after a Olympic Distance Tri this weekend (haven’t done one of those in roughly 18 months) and then Triple Challenge the week after. All. In.

Hope to see you out there at the races. Let the fun find you…

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