October 27, 2011

Peaceful Warriors

We are a sport filled with these guys. Peaceful warriors. The Dan Hugo’s, the Raelerts, the Crowie’s. Peaceful Warriors.

On the day, in the race, absolute animals. Ready to rip the skin off their competitors, in the nicest way. Pure, easy competitiveness. Nothing like it. Makes me smile as I sit here and write that. Pure, easy competitiveness.

The absolute best of friends before the gun goes off and with respect we aim with one goal towards the finish… to win. It’s such pure motive, such easy explanation and as Macca wrote a book about, I am happy to admit that “I am here to win.” Nothing wrong with admitting why you arrived bearing a disc wheel, a pointy helmet and a body devoid of anything resembling hair. So what if you came 269th – you possibly came to beat your arch rival, who finished 278th. Got him. Owned his ass on the bike.

I love these rivalries and they keep us going. There are a few guys out there who I have had extended rivalries with. We share beers and climb tent poles together after the race, chanting in unison. During the race, we will find ways to get every inch out of our bodies to beat said rivals to the ground and embrace them as they cross the line after us, knowing they would do the same at the next race where they could possibly be the victor.

As peaceful warriors we go into the world, taking these lessons with us. They make us better people.

The video was fun, don’t you think? Same as the header image. Total fun.

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