October 31, 2011

Why I love running “Strides”

We all want to run faster. Running fast is awesome. Not 1 hotdog awesome, but 1 000 000 hotdogs awesome. The feeling leaves us smiling and beaming.

Yet running fast leaves us tired, sore and unable to be awesome.

This is why I love what I call “Strides” so much. Strides are in every program I write. And they should be too, if you click the following 3 links you`ll understand:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

They are a legit way to include speed work (and more importantly, form work) into your week without compromising your ability to recover session-to-session. I prefer to run 15seconds hard (not flat out, maintaining form), with a 45second walk. 15-20 reps with a 15min warm-up and 15min cool-down.

As a proud triathlete with a real job, one of the primary concerns in my life is making it session to session without too much accumulated fatigue. Moving well when tired is essential for triathlon, especially Ironman races where the slow puncture effect of fatigue comes into play with the force of a Bakkies Botha tackle around 28km into the run. Strides reinforce moving well when tired. They build positive form routine and routine / repetition is king in the game of IM.

Add 1 session of strides to your week, every week and watch your running speed increase over the weeks.

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