November 1, 2011

Ironman 70.3 Buffalo City Programs

A while ago some athletes approached me to do a general program for them, based around the principles I have found to work for the endurance game. I did a pre-built program for Challenge Cape Town as well and there has been a call to do a 12 week pre-built program for 70.3 in January. I have created a pre-built program specific to the course in East London, with a full run down on skills, drills, nutrition, etc. Here are the major headings:


Unique Elements to Buffalo City

Descending Intervals:

If I miss a session, then what?
What if I am too tired to do a session?
Why is there so little swimming?
This low cadence work seems dumb. Why should I stick with it?
Why is there is no mileage on the bike rides and runs?
What are the essential tools I need to complete my training and race day?
What are the different colored weeks?

The Program:

The program highlights swim, bike, run and gym workouts. It’s sent in a PDF as well as Excel document for you to log your time and efforts. The program does not include:

– One-on-One attention from myself.
– Daily email contact.
– Personal training.

This is, essentially, an easy way to get as fit as possible, following the simple principles of economy, recovery, nutrition and injury prevention, in 12 weeks.

If you are interested in a program, they run at R900 for the 12 weeks (R75 per week) in full, payment up front. For more information, drop me an email in the contact page on Urban Ninja.

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