November 3, 2011


Sure, the euro-techno is quite euro but watch those boys soar, fly effortlessly up mountains we can’t fathom is this country.

Imagine riding your bike up Table Mountain. In under an hour. And then some. Now imagine adding tactical thinking, energy management and doing it day in and day out, again and again for 3 weeks. The scale of Le Tour is incredible and the pressure that the guys deal with is something again, we cannot begin to fathom.

For me, the word soar comes to mind maybe four or five times a year on rides. It’s the hunt for this feeling that keeps me motivated. Today, I got a slot to race the fastest Irondistance race in the world in 2012. People wait their whole lives to race there and next year, I get my chance. If I stack up my first Kona, my first Double (incl Xterra in Maui), my first World ITU champs against racing in Roth, I am not sure even the first 3 combined will measure up. I am intensely excited, especially with a season before that which will include 70.3 in SA and Ironman SA, a 3 day kick out at Sani2c and 2 Xterra races in Jan & Feb.

Hopefully, in 2012, that feeling of being able to soar across the landscape, powered by my own training and will to succeed, will return a few more times. This weekend is my last hit out for the season at Triple Challenge in Durban. A great race and a fun replacement for Challenge Cape Town. Sure, I`ve been more serious about races before, and the loss I felt after the cancellation of Challenge affected my training over the last few weeks. Regardless, it should be an epic battle and I will be walking funny all the way until Wines2Wales starts next weekend.

After a feast of a meal last night with James Cunnama, Jodie Swallow and the always entertaining Nic Lamond and his mrs, I woke up this morning grateful. It’s been a year and a bit since I got back from Kona in 2010. I’ve spent it with an amazing woman, grown amazing friendships and had immense fun getting Pure Planet Racing off the ground. As final negotiations and preparations for 2012 take place behind the scenes, 2012 looks to be another year where you could soar with me.

The landscape is filled with amazing races and places to get to. Find your place to soar.

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