November 7, 2011

Risk vs Reward

Lost in the moment, riding just beyond the verge of what was previously thought as possible. Doing it day in, day out.

Survival is a very addictive thing. Look at the junkies out there – they strive on the feeling of going beyond, recovering and going again. Today, I feel a special part of that crew of people as I sit here with very tender legs after Triple Challenge yesterday. The new route had some unexpected twists, turns and ******* steep hills in there. I somersaulted into the soft shrubs spectacularly, my left shoulder will tell you today. If my legs could speak, they would tell you that the lack of full-power granny gear hills was what left us undone, as a team (my willingness to hurt and the legs’ ability to produce the power make up my primary team).

But as I sit here today, full knowing that I will go back there to give it my all again, I smile. We have to smile at ourselves, the crazy ones. We have no other option. We have to smile because we are happy to risk failure. Being scared to fail is something that will hold you back every day for the rest of your life and these crazy events we do, they have the habit of helping us conquer our fears, they seem to bring out the best in us, the ability to risk it all for a single moment of glory. Sure, I could have hurt myself badly yesterday. I got pretty close chasing the guys with the climbing legs when I came off but had I made it through that corner I may have got back in touch with the 3 of them on the rest of the descent and the race may have ended differently.

Who knows.

But you have to be willing to take the risk, to make the leap. Otherwise, how will you ever know?

While others choose to go through life without ever experiencing the thrill of survival, others seem to relish in merely just surviving. We all choose our poisons. For me, the healthy mix of beautiful landscape and extended threshold effort make up the ideal scenario to learn, to push, to risk.

We all have choices to make and for those who, like me, believe in this way of finding out what you`re made of when the chips are down, endurance sports provide the ideal platform to see if you have the mustard. We take these discoveries and apply them to our work lives, our friendships and our freshest adventures. Continuously calculating risk versus reward, to push on into the sunset, morphing the putty around us into the life we desire.

In closing, I merely put my hands together and give you a slow clap and an approving nod.

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