November 18, 2011

Admitting There Are Cracks

Last night I walked into a simple diagnosis I knew was there. I had admitted that there were problems a few weeks before and was taking the necessary steps.

When you KNOW something isn’t right, you just know. As an athlete, my instinct is to ignore and push on. That is not the correct option. I knew the niggles, the lack of an old function that used to be there, but now missing and the feeling that is just wasn’t right meant that I needed help. First off, admitting there was an issue is for me, the toughest.

The diagnosis was not great. Some scoliosis, tilted hips, imbalances and really, work to be done.

And so the journey towards IMSA begins with a walk rather than a jog.

Back to basics and strength work, easy miles and a long term focus. 2 seasons of racing without a break taking their toll in the long run and where I left cracks, they have opened.

But this is not admitting defeat. Instead, it`s the start of a new journey. I have some radical, specific goals for next year. The journey towards those has already begun. I am admitting to needing to be more thorough, to apply less haste and more speed and admitting that indeed, cracks are showing.

I true blogger form, I am going to share every step of this journey. How the consultation worked, the concerns, how we are working on those and where we are aiming to get to. But as with all these programs, first I needed to share that indeed, cracks are showing, work needs to be done to mend the body looking at it from a long term view (I want to be healthy at 70, not only at 35) and I need to look at an overall approach whereas this year I have merely gone race to race.

Excited to share as I am sure many of you are going through similar things or have gone through similar things in your athletic careers.

Have a great weekend…

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