November 22, 2011

My Possible

There are some crazy places out there. Some athletes who just blow me away with what they are able to do.

Sometimes, we come across a section of athletes who compete for pure love, no medals, just to push the limits. The video above highlights those sorts of athletes out there. For about 2 years in my life I didn’t race. I trained purely to train, just to be out there. It was a good time and brought my love of racing back. The races are great but they are not the end of the road. I have said it many times… there is no white line in the road or a sign above my head that will signify that I have arrived.

There is no 1 ride that will be big enough. It’s the progression that’s so exciting, stretching my belief of “possible”.

This may not only be how far I can go, but may relate to an interval set, a specific set of numbers on the power meter, mastering a hill I walked my entire life by running it slowly the entire way.

My possible is something that keeps stretching, keeps being shaped, keeps growing. My possible is defined only by the limits I set myself.

What is your possible?

What are the limitations you set for yourself, where your fears kick in?

Release that fear and someday you`ll look back at it with a wry smile. You know the smile.

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