November 25, 2011

Random Ramblings

I am a million miles an hour before we take on Double Century this weekend and I am struggling to settle down to get it all into a blog post. Some weeks are blissful, flowing and others are like this, where I have eaten lunch in my car 4 times this week driving back from chores and collections. C`est la vie.

So I thought I would jot down some random thoughts which have passed through my mind this week, questions which I wondered about and ideas which irked me a little.

I recently wondered about the fact that people with disabilities have heightened other abilities. So those who may be deaf, or cannot speak, become super strong, or ridiculously good sommeliers (smell). I wondered how far in years to come this would be exploited once genetic doping becomes a reality. Will athletes deliberately have their hearing removed to gain extra power or extra brain power should they be in sports like Chess (yes, a sport) or where an athlete would gain enough to become a world champion.

It’s a question which irked me. I am completely against all forms of doping, cheating, et al. But where do you draw the line? As the lines become more and more blurred as the options open up to would be cheaters, how do we govern our sports to remain clean of these people. Then you have to ponder, for a kid from the poorest family in Russia who isn’t raised with the same sense of morals as you and I – is it even cheating to them?

What is your view?


Then onto something else – the crutches we carry to keep us busy. Everyday I deal with people who are busy for the sake of being busy. It’s ridonkulously easy to get caught up in this busyness, which becomes the crutch that keeps you moving, perhaps from dealing with your problems, issues which you are in essence, running from. I think Ironman attracts these people who can stay busy all day training, discussing training in forums and with coaches and hanging out with other athletes just talking about training, never dealing with their problems. THIS is a great post on the matter. As the holidays are approaching, I urge you not to fill them with chores, busyness and avoiding the things which have bugged you all year.

They are holding you back.

Break free. Walk without the crutches.


All to recently, I discovered that I need to be better at asking for help. As someone who loves to achieve (not like – I freaking love this stuff) it’s often tough to ask for help because your success has often come from a set of self-made decisions, so you have success.

As an athlete, it’s important to work with other people. I have read I`m Here to Win in the last week. It reminded me to ask for help, so I am working with a functional strength specialist, a pilates genius and seemingly, soon, one of the smartest people in the sport. It’s not easy for me to let others take control but in ways, that is the lesson for me to learn.

Letting others run with things is the fundamental core of my job. I lead by serving where I am and trust the team 100% that they are doing everything possible. I have almost no control on many of the outcomes and this has been not a breeze of fresh air, but a tornado of crisp west-coast sea awesomeness. I am trying to carry it into other arenas.

Watch this space.


Kaizen is on my mind this week. Small improvements, continuously. I am at a point in my life where, unless I start a new sport, career or attempt to get as fat as possible, I am going to be making small changes, little improvements. But if I make them continuously and in various arenas, they can add up to a somewhat sizeable gain.

But never again will I enjoy dropping 30sec/km in a block of running, or 15sec per 100m in a week or two of swimming. I won’t take 20min off my Argus time, ever again.

I think so many newbies to all sports forget this vital part. Relish in the changes, the current change, compared to where you were. You are all so obsessed with a future number, where the margins of improvement get so much smaller towards that number, that you forget the amazing gains you are making right NOW.

Stop it. Sit up and smell the freaking roses mate. They are good, filled with craft beer and bacon and may never ever return again. Right now is pretty awesome. Remember that.


That’s it for now. Time to breathe out, properly. Not much left to do between now and 6am tomorrow morning when I`ll be riding with an immensely talented bunch of guys for around 6 hours, relishing in the moment, dreaming of bacon and craft beer for dinner and smiling at the beauty in the pain.

Practice what you preach. Watch me go…

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