December 2, 2011

Partnership for Solo Sports

Some wise words from the guy who founded the sport of Ironman.

As I`ve progressed through the sport, and taken on new ventures like Cape Epic, Sani2c, African-X, I have to say that the one thing missing out of Ironman is a focus on partnership. Sure, we compete alone, but without the support of a range of partners leading into the race, it’s just not possible.

My patient, superb Bio in Line’ Griffiths, my Functional Strength pain giver in Johnny Eagleton, my Sponsors (Velocity Sports Labs, BoE Private Clients, Garmin, Rehidrat Sport, Puma, etc) and my inner circle of loving family, girlfriend and friends are all a part of this partnership into the race. We all carry some expectation and some responsibility. Together, we make a hopefully winning team on the day, but our journey together is a large part of the partnership. Sure, I compete unassisted on race day, but I cannot get there without these partners.

Into this weekend, I want you to think about these partnerships and what they mean to you and how you can work them a little better in the coming months. Recently, I have added Johnny Eagleton to my list and this week I have hurt in places I didn’t know could hurt. I trust his experience to give the extra edge I am looking for next year. It’s a new partnership and it got me thinking about how many people take part in my journey towards an Ironman race.

Solo sports = loaded with partnerships. Have a great weekend out there. I am enjoying my time where I am not training much as I know that from the middle of the month, I will be firmly into the good stuff again.

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