January 19, 2012


How cool is that little guy…

If you are one of the 3000 people racing in East London this weekend, that should be you right now. Focus on the basics. I am focusing on getting a back spasm to relax, personally, but I am pretty sure that by Sunday, it`ll be ok and I will be able to take my best to the course. These things happen and I am focused on rehab rather than moaning about it.

Here are some key things you should be focusing on this week:

Race Gear

Is it all purchased? Have you ridden with your race wheels and in your new tri suit?

I see so many people trying out new stuff on race day. It’s simply not advised.

Race Nutrition

Is your plan ready or is your plan a lack of planning?

Over the shorter distance, nutrition is not quite as vital, but you should be attempting to get in more on the bike and hang tough for the run, when we are all hurting with smiles on our dials. Use what you know and like – don’t try the new “Super Gel that provides PB’s 4 times a day” for the first time 20km into the bike and realise you just can’t stomach it.


This is the week to sleep in a little, go to bed earlier and relax at work. If you have let work pile up over the last 8 weeks thinking that you could catch up this week… naughty!

Some other elements you should be focusing on this week:

– Please don’t wear compression socks, tights, sleeves and other compression stuff around the expo, to the Spar and to restaurants. Keep it tight, but keep it at home.
– Please don’t irritate every other nervous athlete you see by asking stupid questions like “Are you fit? Are you ready? Can you tell I`m pooping myself?”
– Remember that your taper makes you irritable, short on patience and long on selfishness.
– Eat a little less, but eat better, whole foods. The temptation to smash your face full of chocolate is there, I know. I feel it too.

More than that, I simply urge you to focus on breathing all week and before you know it, you`ll be coming down Bunkers Hill towards the finish line wishing you had taken more in, relaxed a little and had more time to share.

Focus…it`s almost over, again. Enjoy the video as a piece of inspiration.

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