February 6, 2012

Signs that you`re training for Ironman

This weekend I got my first big weekend in for Ironman South Africa in April. It involved multiple sessions and many kilometers. The weekend went well, but weekends only get bigger from here on out until the end of March.

Last night I got thinking about the familiar emotions and feelings I had as I sat, shattered, attempting to pay attention to my lovely mrs.

Over the next 8 weeks or so, those of us hoping to go well at Ironman South Africa will be displaying the following symptoms. If you come into contact with any of us, please be patient, understanding and kind.

Your hopeful Ironman will be:

– Displaying what is known as the 1000 yard stare. Especially if its a weekend afternoon.
– Wearing compression socks under his/her jeans (hopefully not with shorts)
– Speaking strangely. When you ask “How are you?” – they may answer “Ironman fine thank you very much”
– Attempting to engage you in conversation about watts, aerodynamic benefits of dimples on lycra and how best to consume calories while running.
– Eating non-stop, while talking about food all the time, despite the fact that they look hungry.
– Stressed about the race. Even though its February. I know, it’s stupid.

Expect to encounter combinations of the above, like talking about lycra while eating a protein bar, having a protein shake at the same time, whilst wearing compression socks with shorts, in the middle of a restaurant, whilst staring straight through you.

These are big days for a lot of people. Their undertaking monstrous and their minds simply not able to compute just yet that they will be perfectly OK if they get the mileage in and arrive without an injury.

Be kind…

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