February 10, 2012

Feed the Freak

We all know the freak that exists inside us.

It’s that part of you that jumps before checking over the ledge, the part of you that says I`m in before you`ve heard the end of the sentence and it’s the core of your journey towards a better you.

Society tells us to stay within the box, yet we champion the few heroes who defy convention. It lifts those who come back stronger, even though advertising tells us that the same shade of lipstick or same smell of cologne will make us a success. It’s a mixed message for sure.

It’s the freak that knows we need to destroy the box that we are in, the freak knows we need to break loose, bonk horribly on a long ride to know where the true limits lie and its the freak that has you delirious, lost on a trail somewhere with the biggest smile on your face.

The freak knows.

Feed it the things that make you happy and it will reward you with adventure, energy and creativity. Let loose, the freak will help you discover things, places and people you thought you would never know. It`ll take you to worlds you never comprehended and limits you created for yourself will be smashed on a regular basis. Noise will become silence as the freak gives you purpose.

Feed the freak this weekend. I know my fridge is loaded with food for it.

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