March 1, 2012

*made with awesome

This has been, honestly, one of the craziest weeks I have ever experienced at work. Our deadlines are insane, our commitment to getting them done our focus and the barrage of demands coming back being handled like a hanging carcass in the back of a butcher being fired at with a hundred small caliber rifles.

I would be lying if I said it was fun all the time. The pressure is immense and at times, the emotions run a little high. Thankfully, I`m surrounded by an amazing team, who, if you checked their contents, would all say *made with awesome

The statement, *made with awesome – It got me thinking today about the things in my life made with this word that is thrown around so commonly now, awesome. Awesome means “That which inspires awe”. That means gaping mouths, snorts of disbelief and 1000 yard stares at it’s simple magnificence.

*made with awesome – quite an honor to be given that badge. A little higher than a noddy badge, but here are the *made with awesome things in my life which blow me away:

(in no particular order)

– Rehidrat Sport. It’s hands down the best item in my cupboard for recovery, for training, for thirst, for feeling awesome.

– My FAAS250’s from Puma. My first pair took me through 18 islands in the Swedish Archipelago, including 12km of swimming in them. They climbed Die Leer in Die Hel on EUT11. They must have covered 600km in total, through sand, sea, mud, tar, grass and cupboard. My 2nd set debut’d at 70.3 this year and we know how that went.

– My family. They are straight up gobsmackingly awesome.

– My mates. I mean, have you been out for a few tequilas with my crew? Never quite understood awesome until you have.

– My Garmin Edge 805. That thing has saved my ass when lost more than twice. I would possibly not be typing this right now if it was not for that thing.

– Jack Black Beer. #nuffsaid

– The Better Half who lives with me. She is pretty awesome to put up with all of me all the time. I do wonder why she is so keen to get me out the door for 5 hour rides sometimes, but I imagine it’s just to miss me more.

– My Orca Apex wetsuit. I was 1st out the water at Xterra. Sure, I fumbled T1 and was out onto the bike course 3rd, but I have the fastest swim split. It’s a kiff suit, bru.

This is sounding like an ad for an epic life with epic toys now, so I am going to stop. I am a mile high on espresso, Deadmau5 and left over adrenaline from a long day. Time to sign out. Time to log off. Time to go be awesome…

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